The Guide Book of Multimedia for Communications Professionals

(Finnish title: Viestinnäntekijän Multimediaopas) 1996, Inforviestintä Ltd.

The Guide Book of Content Creation for Digital media

(Finnish title: Digitaalisen median käsikirjoittajan opas) 1999, Edita

eLearning (co-written with Ari alamäki PhD) 2002, Edita

INTRA (co-written with Tatu Kuivalahti) 2004, Inforviesitntä Ltd.

Look. See. Imagine. – Visual keys to the creativity in business.

(Finnish title: Katso.Näe.Kuvittele. – Visuaalisia avaimia businesluovuuteen.) 2010, Inforviesitntä Ltd.

A series of 8 digital lessons about communications which are available through Digital Lessons Ltd (

Dozens of blogs, content scripts for corporate websites and CD-roms and e-learning course contents and instructional designs.

Jussi's blog in Finnish language is called Antipodi.

Jussi's blog in English is called Interactive Ingenuity

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