Jussi's Profile

I am an innovative and enthusiastic person with a deep passion and understanding of digital media and the digital media industry and tertiary education. 

As you will see from my CV I have also always had a strong emphasis on mentoring and training.

Entrepreneur, mentor, writer and e-learning specialist
During the intensive development of my own company, To the Point Ltd, I was fortunate enough to become recognised as an expert in digital communications.  Recognition in the eyes of wider public, especially in communications and business circles led me to deliver key-note speeches in major industry events throughout the 90’s, such as Idea Days, Elonmerkki, MacExpo Helsinki and IT Forum.  

Subsequently I became a sought after speaker, presenter, trainer and lecturer.  I started to write about digital communications, and accomplished the publication of five books.

My considerable experience as a key organiser and first point of contact with both academic and private sector customers has led me to develop curriculums and content for media production, instructional design and technology.

As early as 1992 my first blended learning tools were created for the Academy of Finland.  The digital learning toolset was designed to teach school children about green house effects.  This was the first course in Finland using rich media content and advanced interactivity, e-learning as we know it now. Since then I have been involved in countless initiatives for academic and business projects, including a book about e-learning (eLearing, Edita, 2002).

My expertise is not only on project management and leadership, but also in the areas such as creative writing, information architecture and so forth. My involvement has always been very hands on and practical on every level.

Strategic team player
I am a team player, independent when needed but always part of the team. I believe the most valuable creations are created through team work. Only when everyone in a team is valued and given the right methods and tools to excel can the impossible become a reality.

My experience of strategic planning and processes has been in both the academic and private sectors throughout Europe and New Zealand.

My Interests

Literature – science fiction, classics, poetry and drama

Music – classical music, old jazz, rock and country

Photography – portraits and landscapes

Biking, tramping and going to gym – I love NZ nature and tramping and biking in the gorgeous nature of Aotearoa.

©Jussi Luukkonen, 2013