Jussi Luukkonen at your service

Marketing communications, competence development, e-learning and interactive media are my key areas of expertise. I am a mentor, trainer and leader in these areas.

My career has lead me to work successfully with creative teams, large corporations, tertiary education institutes, and challenging communications and educational projects for public and private sectors.

Teaching, writing and presenting have always been a significant part of my work, as I enjoy involving myself in practical, hands on initiatives. I thrive in roles where there are opportunities to work with diverse teams and demanding stakeholders. My interests lie in creating new ways of looking at the world around us in an innovative way. 

I completed a few years ago an Executive MBA at Massey University which helps me develop theoretical frameworks to complement my practical experience. 

I am working as the Senior Client Realtions Manager at Blackboard.  I am taking care of our NZ customers and developing business here for our leading edge products and services.

One of my current interest is to see how mobile learning takes off by watching closely for example how ReGear Learning Limited is doing. I created the concept and wrote the script for this little animation. 

Below is another example of my creative concepts. I created the concept and wrote the script for this little video and produced it wiht my team (Lead Designer Jiet Chong and animations Kerry Dean) while working at Open Polytechnic.

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